Paragraph writing rules

Some rules of paragraph writing:


Today's our topic is -how to write paragraphs. To write a paragraph, some issues should be kept in mind. For example, paragraphs must be entered in a paragraph, in short, between 150-200 words. Keep a note of the text that is informative. The paragraph has a title. After seeing this title, it is understandable that the paragraph has to be written about. An example would be easy to understand.

For example-write a paragraph on winter morning.
This short statement shows that-the article must be written about winter. Let's write down a paragraph of this winter. And understand- how to write a paragraph.

A winter morning 

 The winter morning in village is very good at home. It is only possible to understand the fun of sitting in the yard from sleeping in the morning. Especially in the morning, Mr-Mri takes a lot of fun to sit in the house. Kapuni's body helps in growing dates of kadooni but it is more fun. I do not know whether to believe in the city- the winter in the village is slightly more than the city, and in this cold night, it is like trying to wrap the coat so that it would stay all night. In addition to this, I like the village more than the city on winter morning.

 Friends, this time surely has understood how to write a paragraph. Today so far. Speak will be again in another post. By this time everyone will be good.

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