Traffic Jam - Paragraph

2. ***Write a paragraph about "Traffic Jam"


 Traffic Jam

Paragraph: Traffic jam is a long line of a large number of vehicles on the street. The vehicles cannot move at all or can move only very slowly. Traffic jam is very common in big cities and towns of our country. It usually occurs near the bus station, or the railway crossing, or a big market. It is seen most often at the office time. It is also seen when the office breaks. Over population is the main cause of traffic jam. With the growth of population, the number of vehicles is also increasing. Overtaking tendency, violating traffic rules, illegal parking of vehicles, insufficient number of traffic police, damaged roads, road construction work, dishonest traffic police, lake of public awareness etc. are also responsible for traffic jam. Traffic jam causes great sufferings to the passengers. The people lose their time and energy. Many people often fail to attend their office duty in time. The patients are the worst victims of traffic jam. Proper steps should be taken to solve this problem. The traffic rules should followed strictly. The number of traffic police should be increased. Overtaking tendency and illegal parking should be stopped. Besides, making new roads, removing unlicensed vehicles, repairing the roads, reducing the number of rickshaws and above all, raising public awareness etc. are also necessary to solve the problem of traffic jam.

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