Road Accident - Paragraph

4. ***Write a paragraph about "Road Accident"

 Road accident

Road accident is a collision between to vehicles or and incident of vehicles happened on the road. It is a common affair in our country. It has become a great problem. It occurs in our country for various reasons. Reckless driving is the main cause of road accident. Overtaking tendency, over loading, narrow road, damaged road, lake of traffic police, violation of traffic rules, increasing number of vehicles, lake of public awareness, mechanical disorder etc. also cause road accident. Again negligence of duties is also responsible for it. The effects of road accidents are serious. Road accident causes a heavy loss to our life and property. Many people die and many get seriously injured every year. This problem can be solved by taking some steps. The drivers must be conscious of life and security. They should avoid reckless driving and overtaking tendency. Traffic rules should be strictly followed. The drivers who drive recklessly and violate traffic rules should be punished in an exemplary way. Narrow road should be made broad. New road should be constructed. We can reduce the number of road accidents by raising public awareness. The government agencies should work seriously for safe road so that we can move safely on the road.

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