Environmental Pollution - Paragraph

3. ***Write a paragraph about "Environmental Pollution"


 Environmental Pollution

Environment means the world around us. Human beings, animals, plants, air, water and soil are the main elements of the environment. Clean environment is needed for our good health. But people often spoil the environment by doing unwise things. People are very unaware of environmental protection. Air is polluted by smoke. Different kinds of fires, mills and factories, vehicles etc produce a lot of smoke. Carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide gases are greatly responsible for air pollution. Various kinds of waste and faith such as chemical, fertilizers, insecticides, industries, microphones, primary college teaching etc. cause sound pollution. The rotten things cause water pollution. Pollution causes various diseases. It leads us to the way of death. And behind all of this is the unacceptability of ordinary people. The only human consciousness that can protect the environment from pollution. So, it is high time to take proper steps to control environmental pollution. In this regard we should remember that "prevention is better than remedy." We should try our best to bring the sources of pollution and their implementation should be ensured. The most important things is to create public awareness all over the county. Mass media can play and important role in this regard. And if you adopt this approach one day our environment will become pollution free. And then it will grow beautifully beautiful lives.

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