Nobody Believes a Liar - Story

4. *** Write a story about Nobody Believes a Liar 'or' A Liar Shepherd.


Nobody Believes a Liar

There was a shepherd boy. He kept a flock of sheep near a forest. It was not far from the village. One day he wanted to make fun with the villagers. So, he began to play trick upon them by telling lies. He was wicked to the backbone. One day he began to shout, "Wolf! Wolf! Help! Help!". The simple villagers heard his cry. They believed him and came running to help him. At last the people understood that the boy was telling lies. They did not believe him any more. So they decided not to go  to the boy in future. One day a wolf really came and the boy cried, "Wolf! Wolf! Help! Help! The farmers heard his cry but nobody came to save him. The wolf fell upon the boy and killed him. It killed the sheep and went away. When the people found him as a dead body, they had nothing to do. Actually nobody believes a liar.

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