Letter Writing Rules

Some rules of letter writing:

Letter have an important role in our practical life. For personal and social needs, we need to write a letter. The letter has a very important role as a means to communicate with friends, friends, and news. Office-based and institutional work are largely dependent on correspondence. In the recent past, mobile phones By increasing the opportunities for communication through the person. The importance of writing and academic kamechekintu need a letter bit of our culture, along with elements still need to writhe cithi. This style of writing will continue as unique medium of communication and communication. Before the invention of paper, people wrote on trees, skin and metal. Because of their writing, its name is 'Letter'. The beautiful, pure letter expresses the teachings, intelligence, taste and personality of the people. The written letters are often considered to be better literature. Like Rabindranath Tagore's 'Chinwnadha'.


Type of letters:

Different types of letters can be divided into the following categories according to the subject matter and the structure.

1. Private letter 

2. Application

3. Newspaper publication letter 

4. Documents and memorandums

5. Commercial or business paper

6. Invitations of invitees

The way to write letter:

Some aspects should be considered while writing the letter, regardless of the type:

1. The letter structure depends on the subject matter or context. There is a difference between a personal letter and a business letter. Therefore, for one or two letters, one has to follow the same method, language  expression.

2. The taste and personality of the person is expressed through the letter. Therefore, it should be kept in mind that there is no ambiguity and misery.

3. Should be careful enough to use language. The letter quality depends on the use of spell-based, correct, and unreadable sentences. Basic spell-bound words often create confusion. It can lead to adverse thoughts about the author.

Let the letter be your own. It must have a clear impression of its own experience, understanding, preference, personality. Text is given to create a sample idea. Without proper mask, following the textbook, personalization should be given in the letter.

Various parts of the letters:

A letter is divided into two parts-

1. Title

2. Central

In the title part, the address of the sender on the left side and the recipient on the right. In the front part of the envelope received from the official post office, there is a separate table of addresses of the recipient and the address of the sender in the back. The letter is the inner part of the letter.

  • Private letter:

    The personal letter structure consists of six parts. Below are six parts highlighted-

    1. Explore words

    2. Location and date

    3. Address

    4. Main article (original statement)

    5. Name-Signature (Letter of Signature)

    6. Title


    Description of Letter:

    1. Explore words:

    Once upon a time, in the middle of the paper page, the letter-write himself wroth the words of goodness according to the faith. Muslim used to write: Elahi Bharasa, Allah Said, Habib Rorsa, Thoda Rasa, Bismillahahir Rahmanir Rahim etc.

    Hindu religious writers wrote: O, Omma, Sri Sri Druga Saha, Srihari etc. Its is not written-

    the writing is based on  personal preference. It is not written anymore in the personal letter.

    2. Location and date:

    The name of the letter is written of the right and the place where the letter is written.

    3. Address:

    In the  beginning of the letter, the address is in relation to the recipient on the left side of the letter. According to the recipient's relationship with the correspondent and the address, status, and social status of the recipient, the address is to be selected. According to the religion, this address or salutation may be the difference of words. Such as-

    Greeting on personal letters

    Respectful(men): Respectful, honorable, respectable etc.

    Respected (female): Honnya, Mannasu, tribute etc.

    4. Main article (original statement):

    In this section, the main note, purpose, desire, emotion, feelings etc. are written in this section. The essence of the letter depends or writing simple and heart-warming. The letter gets better as well as the art of writing. The compatibility, consistency and continuity of the statement should be preserved before the letter to be kept in mind.

    For this reason, it is better to type the statement in the paragraphs like the need.

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