Surfing the Internet - Letter

2. *** Suppose, you are Shamim/Shamima. You received a letter form your mother yesterday. In the letter, you were advised not to waste your valuable time surfing the internet. Now write a reply to the letter.


10 May, 2017 

Maskanda, Mymensingh.

Dear Mother, 

I received your letter yesterday. From reading the letter, I have come to know that you are very much worried about my surfing the internet. You have advised me not to waste my valuable time surfing the internet. I will follow your advice. But I want to say that I don't waste my time. In the present age of technology, we can not but use internet, because it offers us much knowledge. Without internet, I will lag behind. It offers knowledge about almost everything. Besides, I use internet for my studies.

That's all for today. Write to me soon.

No more today.

Will love,

Your affectionate daughter,



Dhaka Road, Maskanda
123, R.K Road

You will be see again me in another post. 

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