Impact of Facebook on the Young Generation - Report

3. *** Suppose you are a reporter of the Daily Star. You have observed that "Facebook" is influencing both positively and negatively on our young generation. Now, write a report on Impact of Facebook on Young Generation.

Sub: Impact of Facebook on the Young Generation.

Staff reporter, Dhaka. 13 August 2015

Now-a-days Facebook has become a great attraction to the people of almost all ages. It has both positive and negative influence on our young generation.

The present survey show that especially the young people are addicted to using Facebook. School, college and university going students have alarming inclination to Facebook. Some of them accept the good things from Facebook. They can exchange their messages and share their feelings and opinions. They can enhance their writing reading. In fact, they have been able to conquer the barriers of time and space in communication and relationship. But most of them are browsing various websites with the help of Facebook. Sometimes they keep chatting and waste their time. Facebook affects their study. The young people are gradually being degraded morally. It is also seen that as the students cannot use Facebook in front of their parents, they use it at night closing the door of their bed room in the name of reading books. As a result, many students cut a sorry figure in the examination. Shahida Sultana, a resident of Rajbari, says to our correspondent that she got Golden A+ in the JSC examination but she obtained A- in the SSC examination because of her using the culprit Facebook.

At present many guardians are disappointed thinking of the future career of their children. But everybody's question is now ; "Who will save the young generation from the negative sides of Facebook ?"

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