Environmental Pollution in Locality - Report

5. *** Suppose, you are a reporter of a National Daily. You have noticed some problems in your locality. The major problem is environmental pollution. Now, write a report on environmental pollution in your locality.


Sub:  Environmental Pollution at Bhaluka.

Staff correspondent, Bhaluka. 10 July, 2017.
Environmental pollution is a major problem at Bhaluka. Recently many mills and factories, industries, brick fields, poultry farm etc. have been established here. They are polluting our environment seriously. Air is being polluted by smoke. Brick-field, cooking, mills and factories, vehicles etc product a lot of smoke. Various kinds of waste and filth pollute water here. Motor vehicles, industries, microphone, primary school teaching etc. also produce a lot of sound. Many rotten things fallen here and there cause bad odour. Our reporter has said this after visiting different areas of Bhaluka.

Local sources have informed that pollution has become  a great threat to the public health. Many people have been suffering from various diseases due to pollution.

The people expect that proper steps should be taken to control environmental pollution. Laws should be made to prevent pollution and their implementation should be ensured. The people should be made aware of the dangers of pollution because they are ignorant in this regard.

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