Eassy Writing Rules

Some rules for Eassy writing:


Dear students, currently the composition of the primary education closing  question is to write an eassy in a certain number of (200) words. There will also be signals. Therefore, the overall concept of the subject that will be written in writing is to be prepared. First of all, you need to think about topics such as your family, mother, father your village and your school in paragraph form. Then add the signal and add it in step size. The signals must be created from within itself. 

It this is written in practice then the text will be started according to the subject of the book. But if the addition of quotes, poetry lines, to make the composition attractive, then it is better. For this reason, many books related to the subject have to be read. Students are composed for you. They will learn how to write interesting compositions in practice. However, some additional signals were added to the compositions. Because, the questionnaire should be written according to the code given in the document. So, if you know these signals the advantage will be to write them. Suggestion to the students- You will study textbooks well and read grammar and composition books in its light. 

Composition is never written by writing or using the selected word. Creativity should be made within yourself. For this reason, the need to repeatedly practice in the practice and language. Thus if the skill is achieved, it can be written well. You have to look at something with the power of the mind, you will have to wake up in the feeling of the mind, only then you will come to know the skill. If you gain efficiency, you must know the surroundings of the environment, to know better. Then writing skills will increase the writing skills. Note, while writing a composition, you have to remember - what is the composition? Because language should be used according to writing. According to the subject matter of speech and writing.

Regardless of how to write composition, the following things should be kept in mind:

1. Have a clear idea of the subject. That's why you have to think carefully about the matter for a while. The mind will be created in it.

2. The thoughts of the mind will be arranged by paragraph as a single.

3. The paragraphs should be displayed in a beautiful and orderly manner.

4. The introduction, description, conclusions will be as interesting as possible.

5. If you want to give a quote you have to give it exactly.

6. The use of regional words will not be expedient.

7. The spelling of the text should be correct.

8. Good writing is not good when the length of the composition is long. It us necessary to enter the necessary information based on the subject according to the specific words as possible.

9. Applying any sentences, words, quotations that are incompatible with 'topic' will not be fair.

10. You must be careful not to mix the holy and the current language.

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