Causes of Students Failure in English - Report

4. *** Recently a seminar was held in your college on "Causes of students failure in English." Now write a report on this seminar highlighting the suggestions mentioned in the seminar.


Sub:   "Causes of Students Failure in English"

Yesterday a seminar was held in Chittagong College auditorium on the causes of students failure in English. Professor X, Principal of the college was in the chair. Professor Muhit ul-Alam, Vice-chancellor of Kabi Nazrul University was the chief guest. The distinguished  professors of different colleges were present.

In the seminar a paper on the topic was presented by the Chairman of the Department of English., Professor Faizur Rahman. In the paper he has mentioned that a large number of students fail in English in public examinations every year. The rate of failure is, no doubt, a matter of worry for the whole nation.

He has also said that certainly there are some reasons behind students failure in English. One of the main reasons is that English is a foreign language. Most of the students have no good feeling with English. Secondly, the students do not follow the proper method of study. They do not learn vocabulary and basic sentence patterns. So, their reading and writing skills do not develop. Thirdly, most of the teachers teaching English Language and literature. Besides, at present the questions pattern has changed. Moreover, most students beat about the bush.

After Mr. Rahman's presentation of the paper, the chief guest and some other professors spoke on the issue. In the present situation experts suggest that proper steps should be taken to encourage the students to develop four skills of language learning.

Finally, the Principal delivered a fine speech and the seminar came to an end with a vote of thanks for all.

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