Bad Effects of Evil Company - Letter

5. ***Suppose, you are Tanim of Fulbaria. You are informed that your younger brother is now keeping bad company/evil company. Now, write a letter to your younger brother who lives in your village home telling him about the bad effects of evil company.


10 April, 2017
My dear Rasel,
Take my cordial love. Hope you are all well. I am very sorry to know that now-a-days you are mixing with the bad boys of our village. Bur you do not know that you are going to the dogs. Those with whom you mix are very bad. Evil company will destroy your character and your whole family. You should always remember that a man is known by the company he keeps. So you should give up such bad boys. Instead you should study attentively. I hope you will follow my advice as soon as you get my letter.
No more today. More when we meet.
Your loving brother,


To                                     Stamp


You will be see again me in another post.

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