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3. *** Write a story about A Greedy Farmer 'or' Grapes all, Lose all.


A Greedy Farmer 

There lived a farmer in a village. He had a wonderful goose. The goose laid an egg of gold everyday. The farmer was very greedy. He thought that the stomach of the goose was full of gold eggs. He could not check his greed. A wicked idea came to his mind. He wanted to be rich overnight. So he wanted to get all the eggs at a time. He told his plan to his wife. His wife was not greedy and said, "Be happy with what you have," the farmer did not listen to her word. He decided to kill the goose. One day his wife was absent from the house. The greedy farmer got a golden chance that day. He brought a sharp knife and cut open the belly of the goose with it. But alas! There was no egg in it. The farmer lost the goose for ever. He could understand his foolishness but it was too late. He became sad and thought that he would not get gold eggs anymore. He cried out saying, "What a great fool I am!" Then his wife said, "You're foolish but greedy. So you've lost all." The story proves  that grapes all, lose all.

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