A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed - Story

1. *** Write a story about A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed or Two Friends and a Bear.


A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

There were two friends. They lived in a certain village. They promised that they would help each other at the time of danger. One day there were passing through a deep forest. Suddenly, a bear came in front of them. So both of them were afraid and thought about their safety. At once on of the friends climbed up a tall tree. The other friend felt helpless. He was thinking what to do. Now, he was sure that he was in a great danger. But he knew that a bear does not touch a dead body. So he lay down on the ground just like a dead man. The bear came near the lying friend and took him for a dead body. It did not touch him and went away. The first friend came down from the free and went to his lying friend. He said to his friend, "What did the bear say to you?" The second friend replied, "The bear has advised me not to believe a false friend who leaves his friend alone in danger. One should be careful in choosing friends." The first friend felt ashamed and left the place. The story proves that a friend in need is a friend indeed.

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